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All About Winsteel Building System Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2005, Winsteel Building System Sdn Bhd, a manufacturer of Winsteel Lightweight Steel Truss and Winsteel Roofing System have been providing you a full-service of roofing solutions from designing to end products.

Winsteel light Weight Roofing System undertakes a complete solution from design conceptual stage, material production, fabrication to actual site installation. Our trusses are made of high tensile Zincalume and G.I materials which are designed
by our engineers using computerized software under the latest design code.

Winsteel Metal Roofing is manufactured using the latest equipment that provides several curvature of desired radius with quality finishes at all times using high tensile materials.
In order for us to provide these services to our clients in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner, we are proud to have obtained the approval list of the official System Provider for Cold-Formed Roofing System.

Hence, with the combined strengths of human and capital resources for both of our products, we are able to look forward to provide and deliver engineering solutions to individuals, businesses, government and institutions across Malaysia as well as in Asia.
So why to choose Winsteel Building System ? What are Winsteel Building System Advantages ?

One stop Centre
 Not just system provider we are also manufacturing, installer training, installing and inspecting.

Design Flexibility
 Back to Back web to chord fixing-Less hassle and faster fabrication work.
 Flexibility of system by simply box-up the section for bigger overhang or span.

Dedicated Designer
 Designs and consultancy handled by people who has been working in this industry.
 Experienced with reputable project references.
 Technical support-meeting with consultant engineer.

Quality Assurance
 Installer Training Programme conducted every quarterly.
 Site Inspection by Engineer upon completion of Truss.
 10 years Warranty.

 Materials delivered are ready to fix.
 No waiting time wasted during concrete casting.
 Bar bending and formwork.
 Easy installation of other fittings.

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